Riadh is the leader in the sale and use of Iqos devices in Saudi Arabia.

After the appearance of Lil Solid in KSA, the popularity of Iqos in the country and in Riadh has increased significantly.

The price of Iqos in Riadh is still an issue. The new generation lil solid 2.0 costs from 550 to 700 SAR on average in Riadh. The first generation lil device is slowly disappearing from the range, but you can sometimes find it at a price not exceeding 500 SAR.

Buying the first lil solid makes no sense, as the benefits of the lil solid 2.0 far outweigh its higher price. Such a comparison is also true for the prices of devices from other manufacturers.

You can buy lil solid 2.0 in Saudi Arabia from offline stores and online stores. Often the offer includes free shipping or Heets sticks at a discounted price.