Iqos lil solid 2.0 in Saudi Arabia

A polular Iqos lil solid 2.0 in Saudi Arabia has become one of the most popular smoking devices. After the first generation lil solid appeared in KSA, most smokers switched to this device.

The ease of use even in comparison to the Iqos 3 Duo and Multi models is obvious.

The main plus is the ability to smoke up to 20 cigarettes without recharging. Lil solid 2.0 won the fans with its modern design and compact size. The indicator looks organically in the new enclosure and does not annoy users with its flicker. The easy cleaning and disassembly of the device lil also became an argument in favor of buying the second generation. Well, if we talk about the price, it pleases all potential buyers.

One thing can be said with certainty – Iqos lil solid 2.0 has become an absolute bestseller in the field of smoking in Saudi Arabia.