Heets Silver

A popular and one of the longest-standing flavors of Iqos Heets. The flavor is one of the lightest and most neutral in the Heets Classic line. If you just want an easy smoke and to get bored with the flavor – Silver.

Heets Amber

Amber is loved in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and all over the Arabian Peninsula. It’s the most classic flavor with a light tobacco aroma. Medium heaviness, flavor without the bright accents is Heets Amber.

Heets Bronze

Highlights a rich and rich tobacco flavor, with notes of cocoa and dried fruit. Considered one of the heaviest in the Heets lineup.

Heets Purple Wave

A wild berry flavored Sticky with refreshing notes. Ranked in the top 5 most-bought Heets in KSA and top 2 mint flavors.

Heets Turquoise

Heets flavor that is associated with the main mint flavor. For anyone who really likes freshness when smoking.

As you can see the most popular and purchased Heets in Saudi Arabia is Heets Classic (Selection).