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Hookah in Dubai is very popular with locals and city tourists. Also, the device is often called this shisha, our article about it can be read here (link to article is a comparison). We also sometimes call the device “shisha” for better understanding with customers. Hookah can be smoked both in ordinary bars (in our opinion, the top bars can be found here (link)) and at home. But in order to make smoking a hookah at home as comfortable as possible for you, you will need various accessories that you can purchase on our website at the lowest prices. We have tried to describe the purpose of the various accessories and help you with their choice.


In short, they play an invaluable role in this “art.” Efficiency and comfort of use are their main tasks. All modern top-level establishments have the latest innovations. Hookah accessories are considered to be coals, flasks and shafts for a hookah, a tool for cleaning it, pipes.


If you often visit an establishment with a hookah, you probably noticed how the same tobacco produces smoke of different quality. On this number of factors: from the person who makes the hookah, to the quality of the coals. Despite the fact that coals have the function of creating a mixture, it has not the least impact on the lightness and aromatization of the cravings. To understand which coal is right for you, how one type differs from another. Our store offers a wide range of choices to meet all consumer needs.

What types of coals are there, their top to study?

1. Dubai coconut coconut – to be honest, this type is a favorite in the price-quality offer. Does not affect the taste and smell of tobacco, smolders for a long time, heats up easily.

2. Charcoal Dubai – takes a long time to fully ignite, does not affect the taste of tobacco, the cord smolders and gives off a pleasant aroma

3. Fast-liquefying coals Dubai – by the name it is already possible to understand that such coals dilute the fastest. It is based on charcoal processed with a highly flammable mixture that emits a specific smell.

4. Electric coals Dubai – the easiest type of hookah to use, no odors, but heats up for a very long time in comparison with other types.

Electrocoals are not yet very popular due to the fact that it is a new product on the market.                                            

Shisha pipe

The hookah pipe is the last thing to save on. A cheap and low-quality pipe can simply ruin the smoking process. Hookah pipes are different, with different patterns and stripes. There are even ice pipes, if you want to try these, then our hookah ice pipe price is the lowest on the market. Remember that accessories should make smoking easier, but not complicate in any way. Choose exclusively high-quality pipes, you can find them in the catalog of our website. A good pipe should not only be of good quality, but also comfortable and compatible with your hookah.

Shafts for hookah

The shaft is the basis of any hookah. Its quality plays an important role when using the device. The task of the mine is to filter the smoke and cool it down. The durability of the hookah as a whole and the quality of traction depend on the quality of the shaft; therefore, its choice should be approached responsibly. Aesthetics also play an important role; the bowl should be pleasant to look at.

Hookah shaft selection criteria:

1. Volume. This parameter affects the quality of traction. The large diameter will make traction as pleasant and light as possible. Agree, it’s hard to relax when you make a lot of effort inhaling smoke.

2. Length. The length of the shaft affects the degree and quality of the smoke cooling. In bad mines, the substrate cannot provide adequate cooling and the smoke will be very unpleasant.

3. Material. An equally important component. The most reliable materials are aluminum and steel.

4. Expansion of the mine. Good shaft expansion provides comfort during use. Located three centimeters from the edge and serves as a clear mark for pouring water.

5. Valve. Probably the most important part of the mine. Through it, excess smoke is eliminated. We recommend using only hookahs with a valve.

Flasks Dubai

The most fragile part of a hookah. As a rule, top-end flasks are made of glass. In our store you can buy a flask of any size and material at a nice price. The appearance of the flask sets the style for the whole hookah. A high-quality flask should have a stable base and thick walls. When choosing a flask, you should pay attention to

1. The shape of the vessel, its size

2. The ratio of proportions

3. Material and production technology.

Crystal flasks are quite fragile, but they look very beautiful. Flasks made of copper and plastic do not allow you to monitor the water level and absorb odors quite strongly. The flask must be of a suitable size so that the shaft fits snugly and does not pop out.

Our store has the lowest prices for flasks in the entire UAE market.

Сleaning brush shisha

Many inexperienced smokers regularly forget to clean their hookah. Regular grooming will help increase the longevity of your device. Some parts can be cleaned with ordinary water, but the shaft, flask and pipe require cleaning with special tools designed to remove tobacco residues. To get even to the very hard-to-reach places, there are a large number of variations of cleaning tools.

You have probably noticed how when you smoke a hookah, the water in the flask changes color in a few minutes, this is interrelated with the use of tobacco, and the flask can also “clog up” with smoke. For this reason, after using the hookah, the flask should be rinsed, but doing this with ordinary water is not a good idea, better cleaning can be achieved with the help of hookah cleaning tools. If you do not clean your flask, then when smoking tobacco you will feel the aromas of alien tobacco and even its remnants and grains may get in. Various brushes and brushes that you can purchase on our website will help you. We guarantee the quality of our products.

In short, how to clean your hookah?

Disconnect the bowl with tobacco from the shaft, remove the remaining tobacco from the bowl. Disconnect the sump from the flask and discard all liquid. Disassemble the shisha equipment to the smallest detail and clean each one. A brush and brush will help you get rid of all dirt and unnecessary odors.

Delivery hookah accessories

When ordering accessories in our store, you can use our courier service. We not only have hookah delivery, we deliver any product in our catalog. Our couriers are real professionals and we provide the highest level of service.