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Hookah is not a new invention, but few people know its history. History knows no fundamental proof of the origin of our beloved hookah. Why is hookah now? This word came from India and became popular because of the British speakers there. But we are called shisha shops because shisha is the Arabic pronunciation. Hookah for the Arabic word “hukka” and Shisha for the tobacco that is smoked. It comes. Check out our wide selection in the catalog and we are sure that you will like something.

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Why did hookahs become popular? The Safavid dynasty in Persia loves hookah aromas and popularizes them due to their regular use. Hookah is created by marinating tobacco in molasses such as apple, mint, stool, chocolate, etc. We are continue all the traditions and provide the best service. We are high-expert and know how to satisfy our clients because we are not the first year in that bussines.

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We have own delivery service for provide you top level of comfort. We will make a fresh Hookah with the best tobaccos like Al Fakher, Afzal, Adalya, Fumari. Professional delivery servicemen will install and make the best hookah. We will deliver it on parties, at home, where you want. It’s comfortable to smoke your favorite flavor on your terassa with your friends. Heat the coals, hammer the bowl and etc. You shouldn’t do anything by yourself, our professionals will do everything alone. An experienced hookah connoisseur will truly appreciate our collection.

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We sell the hookahs. A wide range of shisha from the high-quality and premium to budget options. Ice shisha, Meduse and others. Also we offer the e-ciggarete, feel free to buy shisha online dubai. We will deliver directly at your home. That’s very comfortable and cheap.The modern hookahs durable, reliable, odors in them are easily eliminated and easily cleaned. More design options and, accordingly, they look stylish. We deliver very fast and not only in Dubai, we also deliver in Abu Dhabi.

Hookah flavors

We selected flavors and tastes based on needs of our clients and popularity of tobaccos. Only original and with licenses. Our goal – to provide the best price-quality ratio. Prices – the lowest on the market, we have a lot of clients so we can afford to give provide services and devices with the minimal extra charge

Shisha hookahs Dubai it’s a style, comfort and pleasant at the same time. They become popular at the all world. From Asia to America and they become most popular every day like the quality of service and technologies. Every evening with friend better with hose in hand. This is the beautiful gift on birthday and the good reason to get together with friends.