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The practical (upper) part of the bowls in this line is coated with glaze, thanks to which the Glaze top bowls have the ability to keep their original qualities and look for quite a long time. Bowl for individual puffs, rather heavy tobaccos!
Clay bowls have good thermal conductivity, but in these bowls it is easy to overheat the tobacco if it’s not heat-resistant.
Clay is very brittle and therefore easily broken. (The earthenware bowl Can’t be cleaned until it has cooled completely naturally)
Clay bowls show the taste of tobacco nicely, they can be used to smoke both heat-resistant and non-heat-resistant tobaccos
The earthenware bowl is quite porous, so it absorbs the flavor of tobacco (by way of instance, if you smoked chocolate times on a single bowl, then the next time you fill out the plum, it will still give out chocolate). Such bowls are great for people who smoke basically the identical flavor of tobacco, because with every smoke the flavor will be brighter and more intense. Or you will need to have several bowls in your toolbox, all which will be made for specific tastes.


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