Al Fakher Apricot


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For Fans of Berry Notes – Tobacco Al Faker Apricot

Hookah has entered the leisure of our fellow citizens. The delicious smoke mixes are smoked in pubs, in the character, in a cozy home atmosphere. Many unique manufacturers offer an assortment of flavors of tobacco blends.
Al Fakher brand tobacco, delivered to us by the United Arab Emirates, is in demand and popular all around the world for its perfect consumer properties: excellent quality, decent cleaning, appropriate soaking and cuttingedge, natural taste. Additionally, Al Fakher goods are available to all types of customers.
Smoking Al Faker tobacco, you like an superb natural flavor of fruits and berries, and a thick aromatic smoke. Try Al Fakher Apricot in solo or mixes with a very natural, soft and sweet taste of apricot!


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