Al Fakher Blueberry


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Al Fakher Blueberry tobacco: What are its attributes?
The title Al Fakher is known to every genuine hookah connoisseur. The tobacco blends of the manufacturer are selected first of all by people who love naturalness. Additionally, the wide array of tobaccos from Al Fakher allows everyone to locate their perfect flavor of hookah.
Blueberry tobacco is a classic in the group of blends with berry and fruity taste. The refreshing sweet and sour blueberry taste on the background of the tartness of great tobacco acquires a particular sound. Smoking Blueberry by Al Fakher makes you feel like you’re in an old woods where it smells like wood, moss, and berries. The thick smoke with berry notes absolutely calms you. And at some point it might seem that you actually hear the voices of birds, feel the coolness of the woods.
Blueberry is certainly the choice of a sweet tooth. But at exactly the same time, this tobacco doesn’t have sugary taste. To the contrary, the flavour of blueberries is complemented by notes of freshness and subtle acidity. According to a lot of hookah fans, Blueberry is one of the greatest creations of Al Fakher.


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