Aladin MVP 510


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Elite Purpose.

Hookah smoking has a background similar to the history of humanity, and it’s fundamentally distinct from the hurried smoking of cigarettes and smokes. And even the pipe loses to hookah with its ceremonial, containing inside it a certain mystery that disposes to spiritualization, activation of believing, reflection and calmness.
Even early Hindus, from whom hookah culture originated, understood the significance of its proper material foundation, which consists first of all in the smoking apparatus itself.
Modern designers and technologists are not as concerned about the amount of quality of hookahs produced, since it can provide the customer with fragrant chilled smoke full enjoyment.
All examples of the elite group have:
High quality glass flask;
steel (stainless) shaft;
Comfy modern connection (click-system).
The German layout of those waterpipes is famous because of its austere elegance, providing the waterpipe smoker and his guests, along with the pleasant sensations from the smoking process, a visual aesthetic joy.
Attractive Concrete.
Aladin MVP 510 (Black) presented in the online catalogue of shop has all of the above benefits.
Additionally, this hookah has the best size, which allows:
Use it with equal success in static conditions, along with easily transported if necessary (the elevation without the bowl is 57 cm);
To get high-quality smoke streams as a result of work of this favorite hookah shaft with the diameter of 14 mm and unbreakable flask with the capacity of 1.2 liters.
Hookah Aladin MVP 510 (Black) is created for secluded smoking (it’s one port for the hose), but nobody will stop its owner to enjoy with a loved one, inhaling intoxicating jets of smoke alternately. Additionally, the provided hookah shaft diffuser will replace the regular bubbling of liquid in the flask using a nice ear, barely perceptible hiss.
The cost for this smoking apparatus, glittering with chrome shaft on the black backdrop of this flask, is very affordable for connoisseurs of hookah procedure.
And we also offer comfort and simplicity of all processes related to enrollment and delivery of this purchase.


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