Aladin MVP 670 Wave


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Hookah Aladin MVP 670 Wave

The combination of chrome and glass surfaces in the plan in the German maker Aladin MVP 670 Wave includes a trendy, elegant, contemporary look with the highlighted lightness and sophistication of forms.
Accurate, functional device with a sufficiently significant shaft of 72 cm, made from stainless steel, with a small transparent bulb of elongated pear-shaped durable laminated glass may be used for quite a very long time, because the materials are resistant to outside influences, rust, heating.
Even at high temperatures that the elements of the hookah don’t emit any harmful substances, they are environmentally safe and friendly. Additionally, a simple wash ensures that the elimination of extraneous odors, which will allow you to inhale the smoke using a clean flavor, with no impurities. Threading closely and securely fixes the components of the device, preventing the possibility of sudden disconnection of the components.
The kit contains a branded clay jar, a mouthpiece, a metallic saucer, a silicone hose, a removable diffuser. Hookah Aladin MVP 670 Wave is owned by the medium-price devices, it’s available for individual use and for use in various establishments.


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