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Why is hookah Aladin Rocket unique?
This is one of the most striking versions in the design of”minimalism”. There’s absolutely nothing superfluous in it, the entire gist of the oriental smoking apparatus can be observed using completely transparent flask and easy structure of stainless steel shaft. The shortage of patterns and intricate cast curls allows you to enjoy the nice, smooth lines of a metal shaft with a clay bowl at the head of this structure.
The thick glass flask is throw in a perfectly balanced shape, the whole structure looks like a flower standing in a crystal clear vase. This hookah is stable not only on hard surfaces.
The complete set of models is standard:
steel shaft;
glass flask;
a flexible silicone hose with a mouthpiece;
Clay jar.
The elevation of the hookah with no bowl – 59 cm, the volume of the flask is equivalent to 1.2 liters, as well as the shaft reaches a diameter of 1.3 cm – the perfect ratio for a small layout, which is easy to use and store, getting an fantastic quality smoke through complete cleaning and cooling. The shaft is additionally equipped with a diffuser for superior smokiness and the chance to control the draught. Assembly and disassembly of the hookah is simple due to the click system.
For the production of hookahs Aladin brand uses high quality materials that can’t be deformed during smoking – the high-temperature immunity not only keeps the superb appearance of the item, but also makes it safe to health.
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