AMY Deluxe SS05 Plus


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AMY hookahs are well known all over the world, they have gained such a high recognition and popularity due to their assortment and low cost of production, as well as interesting designs.

AMY Deluxe SS05 is one of the most popular hookahs on the Ukrainian market due to its design, equipment and excellent smoking properties!

There are different variations of colors and designs of this hookah model on the market. Which differ from each other only in the color of the hose and patterns on the flask. The flask itself is half transparent, which is convenient, since the water level is visible, and you can decorate it with fruits, colored liquid.

The design and ease of smoking is undoubtedly cool, but the reliability of the hookah depends on the materials from which it is made.

In the production of hookahs of the AMY Deluxe SS model range, high-quality food-grade stainless steel is used, which absolutely does not emit extraneous odors and tastes, and will ensure the longest possible service life of the hookah, moreover, it is stainless steel that best cools the smoke.

Several features of the AMY Deluxe SS05 Plus hookah, which will help with the choice.

1. AMY Deluxe SS05 Plus – minimalistic design in which every detail looks as harmonious as possible.

2. All materials used in production comply with norms and standards, are safe for health and the environment.

3. Do not place high hopes on the standard AMY bowl, which is also included in the package. It is best used for heat-resistant tobaccos or nicotine-free tobacco substitutes, since the density of the bowl makes the tobacco very easy to burn.

4. Hot-Screen is a foil replacement and predecessor to Kaloud Lotus. Its diameter excludes the possibility of using it on standard-size bowls, and if in the future you choose a bowl for it, we recommend paying attention to its dimensions. But of course, it is much easier to regulate the heat supply with the Kaloud Lotus, and it is also safer.

5. The large weight of the hookah assembly together with the wide base of the flask makes it stable and therefore safe to use.

6. The hookah is preinstalled with 1 universal adapter for a hinged hose with angles of rotation up to 15 °, 2 plugs, in place of which you can buy and put adapters for use on 2 or more hoses, as well as a purge valve.

7. The molasses catcher, which is provided in the basic set of the hookah, prevents molasses and particles of tobacco leaf from getting into the flask, thereby keeping the shaft and flask clean and simplifying the care of the hookah.

8. The bulb has a place for LED-backlighting.


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