AMY Unio 001.01


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Hookah in a futuristic style for home and institutions. AMY Unio 001.01 is capable of surprising with its unusual design and cool smoking properties. What’s more, you will also love the processing of every detail in this model! All metal parts of the hookah are made of stainless steel and are not only maximally protected from corrosion, but also look quite premium and expensive. A flask made of durable colored glass will easily withstand small drops, and will not “peel off” from mechanical stress, since the glass itself is painted, and not a film is applied over it.

This unusual design also benefits from practicality. Three legs on which the hookah stands give additional stability to the hookah, and it will not be so easy to knock it over.

The AMY Unio 001.01 Hookah package contains everything you need for your first poke, it remains to buy only consumables such as coal and tobacco.


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