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The hookah bowl is one of its most basic elements. This is the reservoir that holds the tobacco and heats it up. But, despite the fact that the bowl itself is small, its appearance is of great importance for many smokers. After all, you must agree that everything plays a role in a hookah, even the smallest thing. To buy a Cloud M bowl means to acquire a beautiful, stylish and high-quality product.

The bowl itself was produced by a Russian company, which was noted for the quality and attractiveness of its products. So this bowl looks bright and original. For the first time the world saw her in 2016, since that time she has acquired a completely improved look that can pleasantly surprise its owner. You can buy an inexpensive Cloud M bowl and see for yourself everything.

Advantages of the Cloud M bowl:

material – white clay. It is distinguished by its persistence and ability to perform its function efficiently;
production method – soaking in milk. This helped make the bowl more durable;
model range (2 types) – you can choose the cup that you like the most;
the price is reasonable.


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