Starbuzz Blue Mist


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Starbuzz Blue Mist Tobacco Blend And Its Attributes

Starbuzz brand was founded in 2005 in California, USA. The family business produces products for hookah smoking, in addition to tobacco of the maximum quality, popular both on the European and American industry. Smoking compositions of the brand refer to the line of these products. The manufacturer employs natural honey as a sweetener, and also utilizes flavorings of organic origin.
Composition Blue Mist is regarded as a hallmark of this Starbuzz brand. The hot smoke composition has received rave reviews from clients for the persistent taste during the smoking session. The blend is considered among the best for a pleasant pastime with hookah.
Starbuzz Blue Mist tobacco has a balanced mild taste, which is well felt mint and forest berries. The description mentions blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Hookah lovers are certain to appreciate the noticeable notice of freshness on the exhale.


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