Difference between Shisha and Hookah

Smoke pipe? Shisha or Hookah? Do they mean the same thing? Which is better? And what then is the name of this strange substance that is put into the bowl?

Now we will clarify all the questions and help you figure out the search for answers to these questions. If you’ve tried hookah or smoke it regularly, you’ve probably heard of different names like “shisha” or “hookah”. For experienced hookah smokers, it will not be a problem to recognize the difference in these terms, but a beginner in this business can get very confused about the terminology.

As a seasoned store that knows a lot about hookahs and hookah accessories, we are going to give you some insight and feedback.

What is the difference between hookah and shisha? Let’s figure it out

Let’s start with the device that you use directly for smoking. The name “hookah” was coined in India, it is believed that the process of smoking was invented there.

As we know, smoking hookah is a great way to spend time and because of this it has gained exponentially popularity, in addition, it is believed that smoking hookah is not as harmful to the body as smoking cigarettes. Very easy to use, you can hammer at home, if you do not have the desire to hammer a hookah, heat the coals and so on, on your own – our courier service for the delivery of ready-made hookahs will do everything for you.

What about the substance we use when filling the device?

The expression “shisha” came to us from the Persian language, which originally meant “glass”. Some countries to this day use the word as a designation for a water supply system. It can be concluded that “Shisha” does not fully characterize the device, but only is a part of it.

If you are looking for quality tobacco for your hookah, be guided by what “shisha” means tobacco specifically. True, many sellers (including us, sometimes use the word shisha as a designation for a device, for mutual understanding with our customers). The most important takeaway is that “shisha” refers to this device, and “shisha” is the tobacco you smoke. Shisha comes in a variety of flavors, and we recommend trying a variety of them. Because each taste is unique and will give you a new spectrum of smoking sensations. We can safely say that we have the best shisha dubai and shisha delivery Dubai. You can see all the variety of tobaccos in the catalog of our website.

We hope that we have helped a little to clarify the terminology and have proven our competence in this industry.

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