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Quality tobacco is an important attribute for good smoking, so make your choice responsibly.

Our store gives you the opportunity to purchase original tobacco with all excise taxes. The cost of production depends on several factors – the brand of tobacco and packaging. We do our best to make our assortment as diverse as possible. At the moment you can order hookah tobacco brands Tangiers, Mazaya, Al Fakher, Starbuzz and Afzal. These manufacturers have proven themselves well in the UAE.

Shisha tobacco Dubai

Good tobacco contains only natural flavors, it should be sticky and moist in consistency, and the smoke should be thick and aromatic. We follow all international standards for its storage, which is why our tobacco is always in the best condition.

Characteristics of tobacco by brand:

Hookah tobacco Al Fakher shisha is notable for its small strength, a wide variety of tastes.

If you are looking for something unusual, then we recommend trying the completely unique scents of Indian production from the Afzal line. Here you can order tobacco with flavors of black, green tea, lemon and ginger, pineapple and coconut, tropical fruits.

Experienced smokers will love the famous Tangiers brand. It is quite strong and mixes well with softer tobaccos.

Starbuzz. This brand is quite young. But this did not prevent her from becoming a favorite not only in her homeland in the United States, but throughout the world, including Dubai. Starbuzz tobacco is one of the premium types of tobacco that are highly valued by connoisseurs and instantly fall in love with themselves from the very first puff.

Nakhla. By itself, this brand came to us from Egypt – a country where everyone loves to smoke hookah and they certainly know a lot about it. That is why, deciding to buy Nakhla tobacco, you will definitely win. Its incredibly rich dense smoke instantly delights anyone and amazes with its versatility.

The manufacturer is very responsible for the quality of the product, therefore it always pleasantly surprises. In general terms, each blend of this brand is distinguished by the following features:

Accuracy of cutting. Almost all tobacco fragments are of the same shape and size. There are practically no stems in the composition, which favorably distinguishes the products of this brand from other analogues.

Dense smoke with constant density. If you buy Nakhla tobacco, then hookah smoking will become a great pleasure. The smoke goes in a continuous dense stream without dips and changes in density.

Realistic taste. If we talk not about just tobacco, but about tobacco with additives, then this product uses exclusively natural flavors. This allows you to fully and accurately convey the declared aroma, and the consumer will receive the expected result.

Sufficient strength. If you decide to buy Nakhla tobacco, then you should understand that this is one of the strongest tobaccos. In a number of countries, it is even referred to as exclusively male and is simply not sold to women. But true connoisseurs will clearly appreciate this fortress.

A large assortment. This line is rarely updated, but this is not necessary. Here, there are a lot of different flavors которых among which it is easy to find the one that you like the most. There are also the usual fruity notes, and menthol, as well as less familiar combinations that are no less in demand among hookah smokers.

Shisha tobacco delivery Dubai

Increased heat resistance. This tobacco allows you to enjoy the smoking process for a long time, because it does not burn out for a long time.

Our product meets all the criteria, so you can buy hookah tobacco in our shisha shop online UAE with home delivery without fear and without hesitation. We will send the order anywhere in the country, we have our own delivery service. We will give a free qualified consultation. Our online store of hookah tobacco products will do everything possible to make you satisfied with your purchase.

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